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2019. With Hillerbrand, R. “Energy Consumption and the Quality of Life” (in progress)


2019. “A Fieldwork Reflection on the Trans-Pecos Pipeline Protest: Ethical Perspectives on a Controversial Energy Project” (in progress)


2019. With Ifanger L. A. “Shallow vs Deep Geoethics: Beyond the Anthropocentric View” (in progress)


2019. “Billboards and Petrocultures in West Texas” in MediaTropes, Special Issue: “Oil and Media, Oil as Media” edited by Jordan Kinder and Lucie Stepanik. 8 (1):  [link]


2018. “Energy Ethics: A Literature Review.” Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism. Special Issue 6 (2): 177-214 [pdf]


2018. “Energy Ethics: Emerging Perspectives in a Time of Transition" Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism. Special Issue 6 (1): 7-30 [pdf]


2017. “Energy Ethics, Homogenization, and Hegemony: A Reflection on the Traditional Energy Paradigm” in Energy Research and Social Science, Special Issue: “Exploring the Anthropology of Energy: Ethnography, Energy and Ethics,” edited by Jessica Smith and Mette High. 30: 7-17 [pdf]



Book Chapters in Edited Volumes


2019. “Beyond the Capitalocene: An Ecocentric Perspective for Sustainable Energy Transitions” in Valtonen, A., Rantala, O., Farah, P.D. Reimagining Ethics and Politics of Space for the Anthropocene. Routledge.


2018. “The Energy Ethics and Strong Sustainability: Outlining Key Principles for A Moral Compass” in Bonnedahl, K. J. & Heikkurinen, P. Strongly Sustainable Societies: Organizing Human Activities on a Hot and Full Earth. Routledge: 77-95 [pdf]


2016. “Algae Harvesting and Energy Ethics: An Opportunity to Enhance Responsibility Towards Future Generations?” in Meinhold, R. Energy Ethics. Intergenerational Perspectives in and for the ASEAN Region. Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. Bangkok: 67-98. [pdf]



Journal Special Issues Edited (Guest Editor)

2018. Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism. Special Issues: “Energy Ethics: Emerging Perspectives in a Time of Energy Transition.” Vol 6.1 (June) and 6.2 (November) [link]


Reports and Interviews


2018. With Mitcham, C. “Energy Ethics Outside the Box: Carl Mitcham in Conversation with Giovanni Frigo” Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism. Special Issue 6 (2): 301-312 [pdf]


2018. “Workshop Report: Philosophical and Ethical Contributions to the Sustainable Energy Discourse” 4th Conference of the Public Philosophy Network “Understanding Impact” Boulder, Colorado February 8-10, 2018, in Borderless Philosophy, Vol. 1 (1), 1-15 [pdf] [link]


Op-ed and Other Publications


2017. “Garbage Disposal Unit, or, Climatised Disposable Immigrant Lives” in Rest, Matthäus, Moroşanu, Roxana and Frigo, Giovanni. "Our Electric Sustenance" Theorizing the Contemporary, Cultural Anthropology Website [link]


Book Reviews


2015. “The Good Life in the Culture of Consumerism.” Review of Sustainable Consumption and the Good Life: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, by Karen Lykke Syse, Martin Lee Mueller, Nature and Human Life E-Magazine (7): 64-66 [pdf]

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